Plant Equipment Hire

Plant Hire Equipment Zimbabwe

Atlas Plant Hire caters to a wide range of construction and industrial needs, featuring an array of machinery hire options. From our heavy-duty cleaning with pressure washers, power supply solutions through to our generators, concrete transportation via concrete dumpers, leveling projects with dumpy levels, surface preparation with floor sanders, to essential welding equipment, we have everything you need. Explore our plant hire offerings and discover how we can support your project with the right plant equipment for hire.

Hydraulic Breakers

Hydraulic Breaker for connecting to powerpack, with frequency And blow impacts to achieve maximum productivity.

Rollers – Walk behind

It is powered by a KUBOTA diesel engine driving a hydrostatic propulsion unit and hydraulic vibration unit.


All the performance and durability that a contractor expects with the added benefit of a four stroke petrol engine.

Reversible Plate Compactor

Forward and reversible compactors, 30KN centrifugal force, with hydraulic-adjusted speed and compaction depth.

Vibrating Plate Compactor

A low centre of gravity gives the VC-150 excellent stability and easy handling capabilities.

Welding Plants

Portable and convenient for on site maintenance with auxiliary 220v power supply. IDW 200. Complete with cables, chipping hammer and welding mask.

Portable Generators

Self-regulating generators for domestic/industrial use, featuring automatic voltage regulation and anti-vibration, steel-framed designs.

BB 350

Replaceable 6mm mixing tools Large drum mouth for loading Lifting eye on yoke Bolt on ring gear Foot tilt drum lock/release Easy to remove drum Simple maintenance

BM 175

Chain and sprocket tilting mechanism Sturdy taper roller drum bearings

PO 500

Tilting Drum Mixer – hydraulic hoppe

BIR 330: 500: 750: 1000

Reverse Drum mixers – hydraulic hopper

BB 430

Trailer-type mounted on tow pneumatic tyres Reinforced collapsible towing bar Rigid steel tube frame Engine and drive gear completely housed

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